Appenzeller show cheese dairy

Have you always wanted to discover the secret of Appenzeller cheese? You are not alone. We have set out on a tour of exploration and discovery in an Appenzell show cheese dairy for you.

“We know the secret of Appenzeller cheese…”

Our journey starts with an intensive preparation. We relied not only on the Internet, but also on traditional maps. In fact, they still exist. The proven road map. Unfolding it works fine. And folding it up after a few attempts also.

Appenzeller show cheese dairy – Discover the cheese making process

Our journey took us along the highway to Gossau. There we left it. We continued on to Herisau. As you drive through the town, look out for the baroque gabled houses. You will recognize them by their curved gables. Pretty and impressive.

We continue towards Stein. It went uphill and downhill. Past the lush green meadows with blooming flowers. On the partly steep slopes the cows enjoy the view and graze.

We get closer and closer to the secret and reach the Appenzell show dairy. Let’s go. At the entrance we get not only a Vesper-Tröckli and a bag with herbs. We also get a golden key. The tension rises. And suddenly you see a familiar face. The face from the advertisement for Appenzeller cheese. Will we be able to elicit the secret from him?

There is a lot to discover during the walk through the show dairy. And you always need the golden key. You wonder what it is for? Discover it during your visit.

Experience cheese production live

Now we come to the cheese production. In the big cheese vat there are 6’000 liters of milk. The cheese harp is in use right now. It is used to cut the thickened milk into curds. This is how uniform cubes are produced. And the smaller the cubes, the harder the cheese.

Let’s continue. We get an insight into the cheese cellar. Up to 12,500 cheese wheels are stored there. This is where the primary ripening takes place. This lasts 3-4 weeks. The wheels are regularly washed with salt water and turned. The rind develops as a result of the rubbing.
After the cheese wheels have left the cheese cellar, the closely guarded secret comes into play. The herbal brine. Regular rubbing creates the familiar taste. And the longer the cheese matures, the spicier its taste becomes.

Appenzeller cheese – cheese ripening and taste

When reading the information about the different ripening degrees, our stomach growls. Hopefully no one noticed. So we take out the Vesper-Tröckli. In it are the cheeses from mild-spicy to noble-spicy. What is your favorite?

And what is it about the herb bag? It contains 5 herbs from the herb sauce. You can find out which ones in the Appenzeller show dairy.

Time passes so quickly. Before we continue our journey, we stock up on Appenzeller cheese. A large selection is available in the attached cheese store. And if you are not sure which cheese is your favorite, you can taste it.

Appenzeller cheese – the secret of the herbal brine

We know the secret of Appenzeller cheese…unfortunately not.

We could not reveal the secret. But we are not disappointed in any case. Because we can take a lot of impressions with us and maybe we will find out more about the secret with the next piece of cheese or just enjoy the taste.

Supporting program – cheese production

The tour of the Appenzeller show cheese dairy is also an ideal supporting program for your seminar or conference.

Plan your next event today. We will support you in finding the right seminar hotel. Combine your event with a social program that combines Swiss tradition and culinary delights.

We look forward to your inquiry and will then also very gladly reveal our favorite of the Appenzell cheese variety.

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