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The production of and trade in textiles contributed markedly to St. Gallen’s economic upturn towards the end of the 18th century. St. Gallen embroidery in particular achieved world renown and increasing popularity. This economic sector had grown so important by 1910, that 18 percent of Switzerland’s total export revenue derived from the intricate embroidery made in the city in eastern Switzerland. In fact, half of the global embroidery output at the time came from St. Gallen!

The outbreak of the First World War put an abrupt end to this boom. With money for luxury goods now scarce, thriving St. Gallen declined into a sweeping economic crisis. Why were the conditions in this region initially so favourable to this specific industry? Where is St. Gallen embroidery still in demand today?

Invite your participants or employees along on an intriguing journey through time and delve into the story behind Switzerland’s former export hit. Perhaps this fringe programme could even weave the ‘common thread’ through your conference itinerary? Museum visits and guided tours can be easily integrated into your event programme.

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